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The members of Patriot Flyball have been participating in NAFA® flyball tournaments since the year 2000, when Lorraine Messier joined Canine Mastery Jumpmasters and Cindy Henderson formed the Weston Whirlwinds. Over the years Lorraine and Cindy were both competitors and friends, so when Lorraine formed her own club in 2019 it seemed natural that the two clubs should join forces.

The mission of the club is, above all, to have fun with our canine companions while training to be the best we can be and exhibiting good sportsmanship.

The Weston Whirlwinds Hurricanes (Gehrig, Henna, Remi, and Zak) were the 2018 CanAm Multibreed Division 4 Champions.

Regular Team Best Time (Patriot Flyball): 16.420 seconds, November 2021 (Winchester, Henry, Maris, and GG, jumping 8 inches).

Multibreed Team Best Time (Weston Whirlwinds): 18.479 seconds, November 2012 (Mattingly, Eika, Addie, and Zak, jumping 9 inches).

Open Team Best Time (Patriot Flyball): 16.434 seconds, September 2019 (Cedar, Gehrig, GG, and Thor, jumping 7 inches).

About Flyball

Flyball is a relay race for teams of dogs in which each of the four dogs on a team must run down a 51 foot course, jump four hurdles, trigger a "box" which releases a tennis ball, and return back over the hurdles with the ball. Each dog must run in turn and may not cross the start line before the previous dog has returned.

Races occur between pairs of teams running on parallel courses and are electronically timed; sometimes races are decided by as little as one thousandth of a second.

A fast-paced sport open to dogs of all sizes and breeds, Flyball is unique among dog sports in that it is truly a team sport - all the dogs on the team as well as their handlers must work together in order for the team to be successful.

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Flyball team in action

Latest News

Reindeer Games 2021

In a return to Syracuse for the first time since 2018, Patriot Flyball sent two teams to the 2021 edition of Syracuse Flyball's Reindeer Games tournaments, December 11-12 at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club in Syracuse, NY. Organized as two one-day events this year, the weekend featured a grueling 5-races-per-day, 4 of 4 format. Each team was slated to race in to top division of their class - Offense in Regular 1, and Special Teams in Open 1.

The weather was mixed - warm, windy, and cloudy on Saturday with heavy rain in the morning, followed by cold and blustery but sunny on Sunday. The transition from warm to cold on Saturday evening featured two brief power outages, but luckily the power was not affected during the tournaments.

One worry going into the weekend was that the dogs would be running on turf with no lane markings other than the jumps. To deal with this, the team ran some of the dogs Friday evening in Single Dog Racing, and then during racing spent extra time making sure the dogs knew to go over the jumps rather than around them. The results, like the weather, were mixed, but overall the dogs performed very well.

Offense (Henry, Maris, Rocky, and Revel with a cameo by Henna during the second race) started auspiciously on Saturday with a 3 out of 4 heat win. However, the second race turned out to be a total disaster, and the team ended up with 4 no-finishes. The third race was much better - the team spent extra time during warmup with the dogs that were having problems, and the extra work paid off, with the team taking 3 of 4 again for another race win. The fourth race was the same (3 of 4), and then in the 5th race the team scored a perfect 4 of 4 to take first place in the division by one point.

Sunday started out even more auspiciously for Offense - a 3 of 4 win in the first race followed by two perfect 4 of 4's in the second and third races. But then the long days of racing started catching up with the dogs, especially the green dogs, and the team went 0 for 4 in the fourth race. The fifth race went somewhat better and the team easily and cleanly won the first two heats, but then they fell apart in the last two heats, ultimately slipping into third place for the day.

Special Teams(Gehrig, Quinn, Violet, Nixx, and Henna for two races on Saturday) ran extremely consistently, and ended up placing 4th on both days. They ran very well, but were just not as fast as most of the other teams in their division.

Both start dogs (Henry and Gehrig) deserve mention, as they ran flawlessly both days. Kudos to Kathy for running Henry in start (something she had never done before) and to Renee for boxloading for Offense. Many thanks also to Junior Handler Eija for ball shagging and for keeping us all entertained.

Titles earned:

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here.

Thanksgiving Throwdown 2021

Organized as two one-day tournaments, Mass Chaos' Thanksgiving Throwdown was held the weekend after Thanksgiving, November 27 and 28, at Pack of Paws Dog Training in Charlton, MA. The weather was cold and blustery on Saturday, with a dusting of snow on the ground, and just cold on Sunday, with occassional snow flurries throughout the day. Crating and parking were both tight, but overall it was a very pleasant venue for a small tournament.

Offense (Cedar, Thor, Rocky, and Revel) placed 2nd in Regular 1 on both days, and really enjoyed running in the first division. This was the second tournament in a row for this lineup, and they spent the weekend honing their passing, hovering around the 18 second mark and ultimately posting a fastest time of 17.856 seconds on Sunday.

Special Teams (Winchester, Maris, Zak, and Phantom on Saturday, with Dillon replacing Phantom on Sunday) had mixed results - on Saturday they took first place in Open 2 on the tiebreaker with an overall fastest time of 18.317 seconds, while on Sunday they ended up 3rd in Open 3 with an overall fastest time of 21.348 seconds. From the top to the bottom! But they ran very consistently both days and did themselves proud.

Defense (Gehrig, Quinn, Henna, and Nixx, with Wicked running in a couple of heats) also had mixed results. On Saturday they placed 4th in Open 3 with an overall best time of 20.462 seconds, while on Sunday they took first place in Open 4 with a best time of 20.807 seconds. The Saturday results featured a tie heat with Roughin' It S'Mores Please (both teams ran 20.462 seconds), while the Sunday results were particular impressive, as the team flirted with breakout (which was 18.2 seconds) while posting an almost flawless result (only two no-finishes for the day out of 16 heats total).

A special shout out goes to junior handler Alex, who ran Gehrig both days and boxloaded for Offense on Sunday. The Sunday boxloading assignment was particularly difficult, as the team had decided to do reruns on heats when there was a single fault. But Alex stepped up to the challenge and did a great job. Well done!

Titles earned:

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here and a video can be seen here.

Flyball MAINEia 2021

Returning to Boothbay Harbor for the first time in two years, Patriot Flyball Offense placed 2nd in Regular 1, while Defense placed 3rd in Regular 2 and Special Teams placed 1st in Open 2 at the 2021 running of Flyball MAINEia, November 6-7 at the Boothbay Region YMCA.

Offense (Winchester, Henry, Maris, and GG with cameos by Zak and warmups by Poison) ran extremely well the entire tournament, setting a new club regular record of 16.420 seconds, and going into the second-to-last race tied for first place with Mass Chaos' Big Bang team. They ultimately ended up slipping into second place, but in the process gave Big Bang quite a run for their money. A very impressive performance overall.

Defense (Gehrig, Quinn, Violet, Nixx, Henna, and Dillon, with warmups by Wicked) ran well but had trouble settling into a groove, ultimately settling for 3rd place in a surprisingly strong Regular 2 division. They broke out once, running a 20.478 with a breakout of 20.5, so had to be mindful of their running times during much of the tournament.

Special Teams (Cedar, Thor, Rocky, Revel, and Henna, with backup by Zak) had a little trouble settling down on Saturday, but by Sunday had found their groove and ran nearly perfectly the entire day. They also flirted with breaking out, posting an 18.575 (with a breakout of 18.5) and runnning sub-19 second times for most of the day Sunday. We look for great things from this lineup in the future!

Highlights of the tournament included absolutely gorgeous weather, a race judged by Tom that seemed to last forever (a total of 8 heats, most of which were reruns because of one or another technical problem), a very nice team dinner at the Tugboat Inn on Saturday night, and the switch back to Standard Time on Sunday which gave us all an extra hour to sleep in - or would have, if the dogs had been informed of the time change.

Many thanks to our Junior Handlers Peyton (running Quinn), Alex (running Gehrig and Nixx), and Eija (ball shagging). Many thanks as well to Alex for boxloading for Special Teams after Carlos sustained an injury the day before the tournament.

Titles earned:

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here and a video can be seen here.

CanAm 2021

At the twelfth incarnation of the CanAm Classic Flyball tournament at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, Patriot Flyball Special Teams placed 5th in Open 3 on Friday while Patriot Flyball Offense (Regular 4) and Defense (Regular 11) both placed out of the running on Sunday. Although the tournament was much smaller than in most years, with only 4 rings on Saturday and Sunday and no Canadian teams able to attend, this year featured live streaming on AKC.tv, plus all of the CanAm invitational races were recorded in the Farmer's Coliseum building by ESPN for broadcast a week later.

The intent of the Friday effort by Special Teams (Revel, Quinn, Maris, Rocky, Nixx, and Torre) was to introduce the green dogs to the excitement and chaos of CanAm, and to get Torre a run in her last tournament before a well-deserved retirement. Although the team did not win any races, they comported themselves well, forcing the first place Dixie Flyers team to 5 heats in the first race (and running a team best time of 19.250) while earning Torre 70 points in her last tournament. Of the six dogs on the team, Rocky was running in his second tournament while Maris, Nixx, Quinn, and Revel were all running in their third tournament. All in all it was a very impressive showing by this decidely green team.

A late scratch by Henna mixed things up a bit for Saturday and Sunday, with Dillon replacing her on Defense (Cedar, Gehrig, Dillon, Nixx, Quinn, and Violet). The team started out very ragged in the first race, getting a No Finish on all three of their heats, but then settled down in their second race to win it in 4 heats, posting a best time of 20.746. However, they were unable to keep the momentum going and ultimately lost their last two races, ending up 5th in the division.

Offense (Thor, Henry, Maris, GG, Revel, and Rocky) put up a very solid performance, running their opponent to 5 heats in the first race, handily winning the second race in three heats, and posting just one No Finish on the entire day, with a best time of the day (in their last race) of 17.348.

Going into Sunday, Offense looked to be out of the running, since their last race had bumped them from the top of the Regular 2 seeding to the bottom of Regular 1. They planned to just run as hard and fast and clean as they could and hope for the best. Defense, on the other hand, looked to be in good shape, since they ended up seeded second in Regular 42 (the even bracket of Regular 4). Their plan was to up their game a little bit while still running clean, and if everything worked out well they had a good chance of making the finals.

These plans would be put to the test early on, since Defense ended up being scheduled to run in the very first round of races. And as often happens the dogs had other ideas. In their first heat they ended up having to rerun one dog and ran a time of 30.812 seconds, but in the second heat they ran 19.140 and broke out, ending their hopes of making the finals (breakout was 19.215). They then proceeded to break out twice more that race and three more times the second race, ultimately posting a best time of 18.640, more than two seconds faster than their fastest time on Saturday and more than half a second faster than breakout.

Offense, with nothing to lose, put the pedal to the metal and cranked out a club record 16.703 in their third heat. They continued to put up a solid performance for the rest of the day, ending up with only one No Finish and one rerun, and winning 2 of their 4 races against some tough competition.

Aside from the club record time from Offense, this tournament marked a record number of club members and junior handlers at CanAm (14). The junior handlers were indispensible, with Peyton running Quinn full time, Alex running Gehrig, Linnea helping to run Nixx, and Eija doing ball shagging and giving out the goody bags to our opponents.

Titles earned:

Many thanks to our box loaders Nancy and Judy for keeping up with us, even as we kept changing the lineups on them every race. Great job!

Kudos to Tom and Cindy for their work in judging during the CanAm races, and a special shout out to Tom for all the hours he put in as a fill-in head judge during the Classic racing.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here and a video can be seen here.

The official photographers for the tournament were:

Organized Chaos 2021

Patriot Flyball Offense placed 2nd in Regular 1 while Defense placed 2nd in Regular 2 and Special Teams placed 3rd in Open 2 at Organized Chaos 2021, September 25-26 at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, Greenfield, MA.

In a warmup for CanAm in less than two weeks, Offense (Thor, Henry, Maris, and GG, with a cameo by Phantom and backup height duties by Dillon) posted a Patriot Flyball regular team record time of 17.026 seconds. The team looked very solid and really had a good time racing. 16 seconds here we come!

Defense (Cedar, Gehrig, Henna, Nixx, and Violet) also ran a very good tournament. All five dogs looked comfortable running together, and Nixx especially turned in a very solid performance in what was only his second tournament. Good job team!

Special Teams (Winchester, Quinn, Violet, Rocky, and Revel, with a cameo by Torre) was indeed a special team. Featuring three green dogs (Quinn, Revel, and Rocky), this team had the potential for disaster but turned out to be very steady against some tough competition. Rocky in particular turned out to be very versatile, running both in the pack and in anchor in his Flyball debut. The team ended up tied for second place in tournament points with NASDOG, but slipped into third place on the fastest-overall-time tiebreaker. Overall a very impressive performance!

New titles went to Thor (FM), Maris (FDCh), Nixx (FDCh), Quinn (FDCh), Revel (FDCh), and Rocky (FD, FDX). Great job team!

Special shout outs go to junior handler Alex, who ran Gehrig and who also ran Arrow in start for the MAINEiacs, and junior handler Peyton who ran Quinn. Also many thanks to Carlos for boxloading for Defense and Offense in his very first boxloading stint. Not an easy job, especially since we kept changing the lineups on him, but he did really great.

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here. A video of the tournament can be seen here.

Return to Racing 2021

In the first Region 13 tournament since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Patriot Flyball Offense placed 1st in Regular 1 while Defense placed 2nd and Special Teams placed 4th in Open 1 at their own Return to Racing tournament, June 19-20 at Canine New England in Walpole, MA.

A total of eight teams took the opportunity to shake out the kinks and the cobwebs and get back into the swing of playing Flyball after almost a year and a half of pandemic lockdown. The racing was a little ragged in spots but overall everyone had a good time at this small, low key tournament.

The tournament gave us a first look at new teammates Henry, Violet, and Winchester, and featured the Flyball debuts of Nixx, Revel, Quinn, and Maris, all four of whom earned their FD and FDX titles. It was great to be back in the lanes!

Pictures of the tournament can be seen here. A video of the tournament can be seen here.

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